A Local Car Company Was Willing to Do What Other People Would Not

I bought my first car with cash that I earned through thanks to working many summers as a teen. I was pretty proud of the fact that I was able to purchase it without needing to get any credit. The car took me too and from work, school, friend’s and family member’s homes and so many other places for many years. I loved the freedom and safety that it provided me. I certainly got my money’s worth from it. I wanted to sell my car in San Diego and I did not realize what a tough time I would have with trying to get prospective buyers interested in it when it came time to sell it, though.

My parents had taught me early on that you need to keep your vehicle in really nice shape so that when it comes time to sell it, you can get more money, rather than less. So, I dutifully had it washed every week, took the time to keep the inside vacuumed and smelling nice, and I made sure not to treat the car badly over all. But I had two accidents in that car during the last year before I planned to sell it. I wondered how that would affect interest in my car.

I soon found out what others thought of my car after putting it up for sale, and that turned out to be next to no interest at all. A couple of people came to look at it, but they did not like the scratches and dings in my car that came from my two accidents. While I had insurance that would have helped me to repair those things, reporting those accidents to my insurance company would have raised my monthly premium price in a big way.

Frustrated, one of the prospective buyers told me about a company that is great about buying old cars that have damage. It was amusing that someone who came to look at the car for purchase would give me the advice, but it turned out to be fantastic advice. On the same day that I called the company, they sent someone out to look my car over and they were happy to buy it that same day.