A Local Car Company Was Willing to Do What Other People Would Not

I bought my first car with cash that I earned through thanks to working many summers as a teen. I was pretty proud of the fact that I was able to purchase it without needing to get any credit. The car took me too and from work, school, friend’s and family member’s homes and so many other places for many years. I loved the freedom and safety that it provided me. I certainly got my money’s worth from it. I wanted to sell my car in San Diego and I did not realize what a tough time I would have with trying to get prospective buyers interested in it when it came time to sell it, though.

My parents had taught me early on that you need to keep your vehicle in really nice shape so that when it comes time to sell it, you can get more money, rather than less. So, I dutifully had it washed every week, took the time to keep the inside vacuumed and smelling nice, and I made sure not to treat the car badly over all. But I had two accidents in that car during the last year before I planned to sell it. I wondered how that would affect interest in my car.

I soon found out what others thought of my car after putting it up for sale, and that turned out to be next to no interest at all. A couple of people came to look at it, but they did not like the scratches and dings in my car that came from my two accidents. While I had insurance that would have helped me to repair those things, reporting those accidents to my insurance company would have raised my monthly premium price in a big way.

Frustrated, one of the prospective buyers told me about a company that is great about buying old cars that have damage. It was amusing that someone who came to look at the car for purchase would give me the advice, but it turned out to be fantastic advice. On the same day that I called the company, they sent someone out to look my car over and they were happy to buy it that same day.

I Have Been Doing Advance Work for My Boss

I have been doing advance work for my boss and that is where things kind of get weird ever since his wife and his girlfriend both caught him rolling dirty. He has all of the money in the world and he figures that he shall be dead a long time before he runs out of the stuff. At the rate he is going I wonder if some beautiful young woman is going to take his money and kill him in bed so to speak. At any rate I am scouting the local Utah escort service today. He seems to trust my judgment when it comes to bad girls, and wants me to check to make sure that they are bad as he wants them to be. Unfortunately that does not mean that I get to sample the goods, it just means that I contact the girls directly and make sure that they are not going to show up, take their clothes off and ask to get paid.

Of course these girls can make fortunes just stripping when they look the way that some of them do, so a lot of them stick to that and only work bachelor parties and so forth. In this case the lady that was in charge seemed to decide that she was going to try to get me to recommend more than one girl. She was probably around thirty something, still looking very fine and acting quite frisky as well. At any rate she decided to stand behind me and have about three of the girls take turns giving me lap dances. I did not run away, although I told them I could barely afford to pay down my student loans. They seemed to really enjoy the tease and then the boss lady invited me over for dinner, which worked out very well for me.

The Boss Lady Sent Me to Las Vegas

I did not know why I was there at first, but it did not take me long to figure it out. Jack’s mom showed me a credit card statement and told me that she was going to cut him off if he did not stop blowing her money on blonde escorts. Apparently she had sent a private investigator to figure out what was going on with the boy, although he is forty three years old. She knows me and she knows that Jack might listen to me. Of course when I got there he just laughed at me, although he was not laughing when I told him that his credit card was about to stop working. Continue reading The Boss Lady Sent Me to Las Vegas

Hiring the Right Company Secretary

I thought it would be easy to get the services of a corporate secretary when I first started my business. I thought that it would just require going online and doing a quick search, and picking one that way. I had no idea that there were so many different places offering this type of service. When I saw that, I knew that I had my homework cut out for me as far as finding the best of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore. I knew since the market was saturated with them, that the skill set of each one could vary greatly.

I did not want to have to overlook everything my company secretary would have to do. First off, why pay someone else to do it if I have to babysit them. Secondly, and more importantly, I don’t have the right qualifications to make sure that everything is done properly. That is the entire purpose of hiring someone else to do it for me. So, I just sat down one day and started looking online at different businesses that provide this type of service to people like me. I am really glad I did this because two things happened.

The first is that I learned a lot more why this type of position is needed for new companies. There are so many requirements that only someone who has studied and learned all the ins and outs can possibly get it all accomplished. It was interesting to learn more about what needs done though. The second reason is because one company stood out above all others, and their prices and recommendations were very good. I went ahead and used that company, and I know that I do not need to concern myself with making sure the work is done right. The company’s reputation speaks for that!

I Am Going to Focus on Blockchain

I started to think about this sort of thing a long time ago, but lately I have decided that I should probably focus on learning about blockchain and that sort of thing. I got to thinking about it after this guy in comp sci started playing around with a bitcoin trader app. Of course his family has the sort of money where he might need to use something like this, but he told me that they were more interested in trying to hide their money from the IRS. Obviously if you are a rich person and you either want to stay rich or get richer, then this is a big deal. Continue reading I Am Going to Focus on Blockchain

Cuppabean Offers Java Aficianados a Space to Research and Rejoice in Their Love of All Things Coffee

Cuppabean is a comprehensive site that caters to the serious coffee consumer. You won’t find guides or references for the casual instant coffee drinker here; instead, you will find glossy, well researched reviews and guides of specialty coffee equipment, such as espresso machines and more sophisticated drip coffee makers.

The site is organized into two sections; one features guides of different types of coffee equipment, while the other section offers reviews of specific brands and machines. Both the guides and reviews present an impressive level of detail and are organized in an easy to read format.

The guides, generally set up as “top 10″ lists, reference certain criteria important to a buyer. The additional criteria could include a targeted price point or a machine that makes coffee from a certain form, such as pods. The guide will then give recommendations of specific brands and models, complete with clear and attractive photos. Continue reading Cuppabean Offers Java Aficianados a Space to Research and Rejoice in Their Love of All Things Coffee

She Loves to Play the Cello

My daughter loves her cousin so much, so she gets excited anytime she comes for a visit. She lives nearly 90 minutes away, so it is not as often as she would like. Because of this, they keep in touch with video chats several times a week. Her cousin started taking cello lessons, and she would play for my daughter on these video chats. Of course, that meant that my daughter wanted to take cello lessons just like her cousin. I did a search for cello lessons in SIngapore because I was not even sure that there was anyone close to us who would be able to teach her how to play.

I was happy when I was able to find a music center that is only a short ride away from our condo. Continue reading She Loves to Play the Cello

The Perfect Condo for Me

When I first saw the layout of Treasure at Tampines in Singapore, I instantly knew that I wanted to find out more about it. I like that the development in District 18 is not one of those towering condo sites. Granted, it is still 12 stories tall, but that is not very high compared to some of the others. I have no desire to live amongst the clouds, and this was definitely more to my liking. I also liked that the different units were so different from one another. Rather than everyone having a cookie cutter unit, there were several floor plans to choose from.

It is really close to where I work, but that is not the only nice point about it. It is also very close to Century Square, which is where I do a good bit of my shopping. Continue reading The Perfect Condo for Me

Everyone Enjoys the Christmas Parties We Have

When I was younger, Christmas parties at work consisted of a cheap meal, a few drinks, and getting a bonus check. I knew that when I started having Christmas parties at the company that I own, that I wanted something that would be a lot better than that. I did not want people to come just to get a bonus. I wanted them to come because they knew they were going to have a good time there. I have only had a few so far, but with the Christmas party entertainment that I provide, I know that everyone looks forward to these parties of mine.

The company I use to provide the entertainment has so many amazing performers. There are acrobats and aerialists, singers and dancers, magicians, comedians, artists and so much more. Continue reading Everyone Enjoys the Christmas Parties We Have

Rewarding My Customers for Their Loyalty

I own a rather large store here in Singapore. I did not listen to my business associates when they said that the online marketplace would make my company obsolete sooner rather than later. Sure, prices are more competitive online, but I also knew that brick and mortar stores could stay relevant under the right circumstances. One of the things that I did when I first opened the doors a couple of years ago was talk with a mobile app developer in Singapore. I knew that I needed to offer some unique shopping experiences if I was going to be able to keep my doors open.

One of the things that I wanted to do was have a personal shopper assistance app that people could have with them as they went through the store. If they needed a price on a product, I wanted them to be able to just scan the bar code with their phone. If they needed the location of a department or even a specific item, I wanted them to be able to find it with the online map of the store that is in the app. Continue reading Rewarding My Customers for Their Loyalty

I Enjoy Working for a Company That Values Their Employees and Their Customers

When my husband and I realized that I needed to find a job so that I could help get us through a rough patch with bills, I told him that I would get a job with one of those companies that offer cleaning services in Singapore because, as a housewife, I know how to clean well! However, the company that hired me showed me that, no matter how much I think I may know about cleaning, they do have a bit of training that you must go through as a new hire so that you can represent the company in the way that the company wants it done. It makes the customers happy.

I worked for a few different cleaning companies back in the 1980s. I didn’t even have to go through a job interview to be hired by any of them. Continue reading I Enjoy Working for a Company That Values Their Employees and Their Customers

My Daughter Needed Physics Tutoring

I have watched my kids overcome a lot in their lives. They love to challenge themselves when it comes to just about anything. They don’t want to take the easy way because they find it is too boring. Instead, they would rather work hard and feel the satisfaction that can only come from that. When my daughter had some struggles with her physics class, I waited to see what she would do. She considered her options, and she finally told me that the only way she could see this working was if she enrolled into a JC physics tuition program.

I had the same thought, so I asked her which one she wanted to join. Continue reading My Daughter Needed Physics Tutoring

My Husband Followed Through with What I Had Planned for Him

My husband gets me really frustrated when he doesn’t feel well because he doesn’t have a high pain tolerance. He had a bad back for over a year, yet he had not done anything about getting help in all that time. He kept putting it off, so I began looking at for a chiropractor in Camas WA to find a good one. My plan was to make an appointment for him and then tell him that I needed him to go for my sanity. It made no sense at all to me to sit around in pain and do nothing about it. Everyone deserves to be pain-free, and I also know that getting rid of pain can make you much happier.

I like men who are strong-minded. Continue reading My Husband Followed Through with What I Had Planned for Him

Evening of Celebration Turns into Need for a DWI Lawyer

Having just started a new job in New York, my youngest brother met up with a few of his college friends to celebrate his first official job. Unfortunately, what started out as an evening of fun quickly turned into a quest to find a dwi lawyer in Albany NY.

My brother, did not drive that evening, instead trusting in a friend to be his group’s designated driver. Unfortunately, the designated driver was using the restroom when the owner of the tavern they had stopped at said his car needed to be moved as it was parked in a spot designated for another business in the strip mall type building where the tavern was located. My brother, without thinking, grabbed up his friend’s car keys and went to the parking lot to move the vehicle. He had to physically leave the parking lot and for a length of maybe 50 feet, was on the street where a police officer immediately saw him get in a car from the tavern, and pulled him over, supposedly because he had not been wearing his seat belt. Continue reading Evening of Celebration Turns into Need for a DWI Lawyer

This Guy Hit My Car This Morning

I was just on my way to work and I stopped at this great little diner on the way and got a biscuit and a cup of black coffee. It was a little early and I was not really happy that I had to go in to work in the dark. I had just gotten the car straightened out when I saw the car, it was driving erratically and I think the driver was asleep. I did my best to get on the shoulder, but he hit me really good. If you go to this website then you can see that the dentist I had to go see is going to be really experienced in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Continue reading This Guy Hit My Car This Morning

A Chiropractor Educated Me on My Poor Choices

I have a very stressful job. I know most people don’t like these kinds of work places, but I absolutely love what I do. There are times when I want to throw my computer out the window, but there are more times when I want to high five everyone around me for the great job they are doing. I could tell that the stress was affecting me in some ways though, and I decided to go see a chiropractor in Campbell CA to see if there was anything that could be done about it.

I had a lot of pain in my shoulders and across my upper back, and I thought that this might be because I sat at a desk for so many hours throughout the day as well as the stress that I was feeling. I had no idea that a chiropractor could make me feel so good, because had I known that, I would have went to one years before I finally did. Continue reading A Chiropractor Educated Me on My Poor Choices

Hurt My Back Riding Quarterhorses

I was just having a great day out riding with some of my friends at first. I do not have any horses of my own, but one of my friends knows a guy who has a big farm with about thirty or so horses, most of them are quarter horses and these are a real blast to ride, especially if they know how to barrel race. Of course I ended up seeing a Mesa chiropractor because the horse was a lot better at that than I turned out to be. If you have ever seen this done, then you would realize that the horse really has to cut the time around the barrels as much as possible and a quarter horse is really great at this. They sometimes knock the barrel over and a lot of the time it is wobbling around after the fact. You get penalized for knocking it over, but just running into it is fine. Continue reading Hurt My Back Riding Quarterhorses

The Location is the Best in the City

When looking for apartments in Charlotte NC 28217, I paid the most attention to the location of the complex. Since I’m a transplant from upstate New York, I spent a lot of time studying the city and making sure that I would pick a place that is near many restaurants, shopping areas, and other places for fun and entertainment. I’ve known other people who moved to the South and they didn’t do their homework, which resulted in them living out in the sticks and far away from the city center. I made sure that wouldn’t happen to me.

It’s probably due to the fact that I lived in a teeming urban area in upstate New York for most of my life. Continue reading The Location is the Best in the City

I Never Want to Move Again

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed everything about it, other than the harsh winters. When my folks moved south after retirement, I knew it was time for me to think about the same. I just did not have it in me to endure another winter if I didn’t have to. I put in my application at several schools in the south, and I was really happy to get hired on at the Simpsonville high school. My next move was to look at luxury apartments in Simpsonville SC before even moving there.

It just took one look at the Arbors at Fairview apartment complex to know that is where I wanted to be. Continue reading I Never Want to Move Again

Everything is in Great Shape Here

When I decided to move because I was just not happy with where I was, it was actually a pretty big decision for me. I hate change so much that I tend to stick with things even if I am not completely happy. For me to make such a big change in my life meant that I was extremely unhappy, which I was. I was tired of living in an apartment where there was no central air, where the pipes creaked all day, and so much more. I searched online for modern apartments for Lewisville because I was not going to move from one bad place into another.

I wanted to make sure that the apartments that I had looked at were new and modern, and that they were not something similar to what I had been enduring for the last several years. Continue reading Everything is in Great Shape Here