Burned out and Moving Up

During my desperate search for a new apartment after my old one burned down, I found http://www.altishighlandpark.com, which gave me something that turned out to be better than I expected. The apartment came full of featured with more amenities than I had in my old apartment. My old apartment complex didn’t even have enough space for a kids pool, but this one came with a full pool. Hopefully someone doesn’t try to cook food on their stove and fall asleep like in my last apartment complex. Luckily no one died in that fire, but a lot of people were left searching for a new home.

Living here is almost like living in a country club, because of all the extra things around here. Aside from the pool, there is also an exercise room, a game room, and even a cafe. The young residents in their 20s like to sit in the cafe with their laptops and pretend like they’re doing actual work. We all really know they’re just slacking off by checking their social media profiles and playing games. The cafe makes an amazing coffee and chocolate drink that really picks you up in the morning.

Since there were pool tables in the game room, I decided to learn how to play the game. My aim wasn’t that great in the beginning, but some of the other residents taught me how to shoot better. I’ve still got a long way to go before I become a pool master like the other residents, but I can go toe to toe with them in a game. There is one game that I can win against them in, and that’s Foosball. There’s a table in the game room, and I dominate at that game. I didn’t even know how to play until after I moved into the complex, but I picked up the game quickly.