Cuppabean Offers Java Aficianados a Space to Research and Rejoice in Their Love of All Things Coffee

Cuppabean is a comprehensive site that caters to the serious coffee consumer. You won’t find guides or references for the casual instant coffee drinker here; instead, you will find glossy, well researched reviews and guides of specialty coffee equipment, such as espresso machines and more sophisticated drip coffee makers.

The site is organized into two sections; one features guides of different types of coffee equipment, while the other section offers reviews of specific brands and machines. Both the guides and reviews present an impressive level of detail and are organized in an easy to read format.

The guides, generally set up as “top 10″ lists, reference certain criteria important to a buyer. The additional criteria could include a targeted price point or a machine that makes coffee from a certain form, such as pods. The guide will then give recommendations of specific brands and models, complete with clear and attractive photos. The reader is then given extra details on the specifications of each machine, as well as a list of its most convenient features. Pros and cons are then listed for each model. The guide also recommends several of the most important factors to consider before purchasing one of these specialty machines. Each guide then concludes with the top choice of the writer, and an explanation of why the chosen machine rated the best.

The reviews, while similar to the guides, seem to offer more concise information on a specific brand and model only, or all the models of a specific brand (i.e. all Keurig machines). The reader will be able to find out relevant information before they buy. Pros and cons are again listed, and the writer gives a recommendation as to whether the machine is worth buying and what considerations the buyer should take into account.

Cuppabean is a great resource for coffee lovers who are in the market for new equipment. The guides and reviews are well organized, with photos and links to prices, and the site gives buyers a convenient spot to research popular models and brands.