Preserving the Transportation Market Share

It’s fascinating to watch an entire industry undergo a rapid series of changes as it seeks to cope with the presence of a competitor that nobody could have predicted the success of. Uber, Lyft and those ride sharing services sharing similar methods of reaching their customers have forced their way into the transportation market riding the wave of apps that the average, every day individual uses as easily as they make a phone call. This has left the Taxi companies and even the limousine industry (companies like scrambling to protect their precious niche. Limousines have fared far better than the Taxi industry thanks to the model of their own business. The Medallion system used by local governments to enforce the number of Taxis on the road is one that has long created a false scarcity and value that was far more inflated than it should have ever been allowed to become.

It’s that regulatory Medallion system that has currently held back the industry from remaining competitive against these new cars on the road whose drivers have the flexibility and freedom of being independent contractors for their chosen companies. Continue reading Preserving the Transportation Market Share

Burned out and Moving Up

During my desperate search for a new apartment after my old one burned down, I found, which gave me something that turned out to be better than I expected. The apartment came full of featured with more amenities than I had in my old apartment. My old apartment complex didn’t even have enough space for a kids pool, but this one came with a full pool. Hopefully someone doesn’t try to cook food on their stove and fall asleep like in my last apartment complex. Luckily no one died in that fire, but a lot of people were left searching for a new home.

Living here is almost like living in a country club, because of all the extra things around here. Continue reading Burned out and Moving Up

Learning How to Live in a Community

The hunt for a new apartment can be a stressful task if you’re on a limited time table. This is especially true for those who have to seek out of town for a new place to live. There’s so much to know about an area before you decide on an apartment; the crime rate, how many grocery stores there are, hospitals, medical practices and so on. I count myself lucky on being able to experience Murano as my choice in home living. I’m incredibly picky when it comes to my apartments. Apartment living means learning to live with neighbors that are more closely packed than you’re going to find when living in a home. Upscale apartments are often more insulated against noise than most but these apartments, if they’re not modern, are over priced. What we expect out of our upscale apartments has radically changed in the last ten years with more automation being desired from utilities.

For most, this is not a concern. Continue reading Learning How to Live in a Community