Cuppabean Offers Java Aficianados a Space to Research and Rejoice in Their Love of All Things Coffee

Cuppabean is a comprehensive site that caters to the serious coffee consumer. You won’t find guides or references for the casual instant coffee drinker here; instead, you will find glossy, well researched reviews and guides of specialty coffee equipment, such as espresso machines and more sophisticated drip coffee makers.

The site is organized into two sections; one features guides of different types of coffee equipment, while the other section offers reviews of specific brands and machines. Both the guides and reviews present an impressive level of detail and are organized in an easy to read format.

The guides, generally set up as “top 10″ lists, reference certain criteria important to a buyer. The additional criteria could include a targeted price point or a machine that makes coffee from a certain form, such as pods. The guide will then give recommendations of specific brands and models, complete with clear and attractive photos. Continue reading Cuppabean Offers Java Aficianados a Space to Research and Rejoice in Their Love of All Things Coffee

She Loves to Play the Cello

My daughter loves her cousin so much, so she gets excited anytime she comes for a visit. She lives nearly 90 minutes away, so it is not as often as she would like. Because of this, they keep in touch with video chats several times a week. Her cousin started taking cello lessons, and she would play for my daughter on these video chats. Of course, that meant that my daughter wanted to take cello lessons just like her cousin. I did a search for cello lessons in SIngapore because I was not even sure that there was anyone close to us who would be able to teach her how to play.

I was happy when I was able to find a music center that is only a short ride away from our condo. Continue reading She Loves to Play the Cello

The Perfect Condo for Me

When I first saw the layout of Treasure at Tampines in Singapore, I instantly knew that I wanted to find out more about it. I like that the development in District 18 is not one of those towering condo sites. Granted, it is still 12 stories tall, but that is not very high compared to some of the others. I have no desire to live amongst the clouds, and this was definitely more to my liking. I also liked that the different units were so different from one another. Rather than everyone having a cookie cutter unit, there were several floor plans to choose from.

It is really close to where I work, but that is not the only nice point about it. It is also very close to Century Square, which is where I do a good bit of my shopping. Continue reading The Perfect Condo for Me

Everyone Enjoys the Christmas Parties We Have

When I was younger, Christmas parties at work consisted of a cheap meal, a few drinks, and getting a bonus check. I knew that when I started having Christmas parties at the company that I own, that I wanted something that would be a lot better than that. I did not want people to come just to get a bonus. I wanted them to come because they knew they were going to have a good time there. I have only had a few so far, but with the Christmas party entertainment that I provide, I know that everyone looks forward to these parties of mine.

The company I use to provide the entertainment has so many amazing performers. There are acrobats and aerialists, singers and dancers, magicians, comedians, artists and so much more. Continue reading Everyone Enjoys the Christmas Parties We Have