Hurt My Back Riding Quarterhorses

I was just having a great day out riding with some of my friends at first. I do not have any horses of my own, but one of my friends knows a guy who has a big farm with about thirty or so horses, most of them are quarter horses and these are a real blast to ride, especially if they know how to barrel race. Of course I ended up seeing a Mesa chiropractor because the horse was a lot better at that than I turned out to be. If you have ever seen this done, then you would realize that the horse really has to cut the time around the barrels as much as possible and a quarter horse is really great at this. They sometimes knock the barrel over and a lot of the time it is wobbling around after the fact. You get penalized for knocking it over, but just running into it is fine.

They do this by really tilting their bodies and you have to be ready for that, but one of the times I was not. The problem was that I only came half of the way out. If I had just fallen off the horse I probably would have been just fine. However my left foot got caught in the stirrup and for a moment I was being tossed about like a ragdoll. I knew at once that I was in trouble, although I did not go to see a doctor. I knew that my back was out of position and that there was not too much that a doctor was going to be able to do about it. They can give you a bottle of pain pills, but those only cause you more problems. They do nothing to help you with your back. A chiropractor has to do it.