I Am Going to Focus on Blockchain

I started to think about this sort of thing a long time ago, but lately I have decided that I should probably focus on learning about blockchain and that sort of thing. I got to thinking about it after this guy in comp sci started playing around with a bitcoin trader app. Of course his family has the sort of money where he might need to use something like this, but he told me that they were more interested in trying to hide their money from the IRS. Obviously if you are a rich person and you either want to stay rich or get richer, then this is a big deal. If I ever have any money I think I might also try to keep the IRS from taking it away from me. Of course there is also the fact that you want to keep the IRS from slapping you in handcuffs and taking you away from all of the finer things in life, like females for example.

The big thing that I see is not the bitcoin itself, although it seems to be a pretty good investment if you have money you do not need to use on the basics of life. Instead the way that they try to keep it safe is a security system called blockchain and that has far wider applications. In fact just about anything that people do over the Internet is vulnerable to hacking and this is about the best known way to protect from hacking. So that means that if you know about blockchain, you are going to have an extremely valuable skill. In fact I am thinking that it as a space where there is the sort of untapped potential for an entrepreneur if they came up with a really good idea.