I Am Ready to Move in My New Place

In fact it is not precisely my place, but instead myself and two guys from work signed a lease on a three bedroom unit before they finished the construction. The place is on Cobb Galleria, not far from the new SunTrust Park where the Braves play. Of course it is within walking distance of my office. If you look at the website you can see that it is a really nice place and there is a nice fitness center that is a big draw for me. I need to get in better shape, since I am something like ten or fifteen pounds heavier than what I should be. In fact the truth is that I need to lose a bit more than that, but I think that the number I am using is both more reasonable and closer to what I need to be. I am not looking to be a model on the cover of a fitness magazine, I just want to be a healthy weight. Of course it is a lot easier to get a proper work out if you are not out in the humidity we have around here.

I have already sold off a lot of my stuff. The three of us held a conference on the topic and we decided that between us we had way more furniture than we needed and that we should be careful about trying to clutter up the place. It has a really great kitchen and a big side by side refrigerator and all stainless steel appliances. The countertops are really nice granite and I really fell head over heels for the place after I saw this in the demonstration unit. I was really trying not to push too hard though, and I want to feel good about the other two guys too.