I Enjoy Working for a Company That Values Their Employees and Their Customers

When my husband and I realized that I needed to find a job so that I could help get us through a rough patch with bills, I told him that I would get a job with one of those companies that offer cleaning services in Singapore because, as a housewife, I know how to clean well! However, the company that hired me showed me that, no matter how much I think I may know about cleaning, they do have a bit of training that you must go through as a new hire so that you can represent the company in the way that the company wants it done. It makes the customers happy.

I worked for a few different cleaning companies back in the 1980s. I didn’t even have to go through a job interview to be hired by any of them. Things are different now. I was required to come in for a professional interview at each place that I applied to work at. Each business owner asked me what type of experience I have and the length of time for each experience. Three of the companies wanted to hire me, and all three of them stated that you must go through a training process after you are hired. I found everything to be very professional. That tells me that each of the companies takes things seriously and that helps out workers just as much as it helps customers.

I am working full time for the company that I felt would be the best fit. Training was easy, but very necessary. I even learned a few shortcuts and tips that I was not aware of. One nice thing about working for a business where you are valued as an employee is that the paycheck that I receive is very fair and I get a living wage. Back in the 80s, my bosses paid me very little to clean for long hours. Now that businesses want their employees to be professional, the pay is much higher.