I Have Been Doing Advance Work for My Boss

I have been doing advance work for my boss and that is where things kind of get weird ever since his wife and his girlfriend both caught him rolling dirty. He has all of the money in the world and he figures that he shall be dead a long time before he runs out of the stuff. At the rate he is going I wonder if some beautiful young woman is going to take his money and kill him in bed so to speak. At any rate I am scouting the local Utah escort service today. He seems to trust my judgment when it comes to bad girls, and wants me to check to make sure that they are bad as he wants them to be. Unfortunately that does not mean that I get to sample the goods, it just means that I contact the girls directly and make sure that they are not going to show up, take their clothes off and ask to get paid.

Of course these girls can make fortunes just stripping when they look the way that some of them do, so a lot of them stick to that and only work bachelor parties and so forth. In this case the lady that was in charge seemed to decide that she was going to try to get me to recommend more than one girl. She was probably around thirty something, still looking very fine and acting quite frisky as well. At any rate she decided to stand behind me and have about three of the girls take turns giving me lap dances. I did not run away, although I told them I could barely afford to pay down my student loans. They seemed to really enjoy the tease and then the boss lady invited me over for dinner, which worked out very well for me.