I Owe Everything to My Mom’s Love and Care

I had my heart set on living in a particular area long before I ended up living there. I wanted to look for apartments in 30318 because I knew that it was a safe area and there are a lot of things to do there. And one of the reasons that I paid attention to where I wanted to live before actually making the move is because it is always a good idea to have goals. When you can see your goals that you have set for yourself, it helps you to stay focused. If you don’t organize and do things ahead of time, you may find yourself in a position that you’re not happy with.

I was not always so goal-oriented. My mom is the one who helped me with that. I have ADD, and it has affected many areas of my life. Teachers kept saying that they thought I had a learning disability of some sort. What is amusing is that they had no idea what type of learning disability that they could pinpoint, even after testing me. My mom is the one who figured out that I have ADD. She also learned from experts that it’s not a disability at all! She learned that it simply means that I think different from other people, and nothing more.

Mom worked hard to learn what she could about what I have. She learned how to make me follow a schedule so that I wouldn’t fall behind in school. She was the one who sat me down and discussed goals with me and helped me to understand how to reach my goals. Before all this, I was simply wandering aimlessly through life and not doing very well in my personal life or in school. She didn’t want this to be a problem for me after getting out of school and into the real world, and she has made that possible for me.