I’m Excited About Living on My Own for the First Time

I used to love to go visit my aunt and uncle in N.C. during spring break in when I was in grade school and high school. My parents took me and my brother’s there each year. Never did I think that I would one day find myself looking through apartments in South End Charlotte NC to live there myself until this last year. My aunt and uncle don’t live here anymore, but they were thrilled when they found out I was coming here to attend the university here. I told them that I expected them to come to visit me at least once in awhile since I will be on my own. They agreed!

My family is incredibly close. I knew that I needed to live on my own for school. I’m too close to my brothers and sisters and everything that goes on with them takes up far too much time. They are younger than I am, so I worry about them often. I knew that distance would help me focus on school work. Yet it has been a struggle to be excited about moving away for a short while during my college years when I know that I could live at home if I really wanted to try to focusthere. But I want my university years to be quick and not long and drawn out.

My aunt actually told me that she wanted to come out to help me find a new place to live. She knew all the best location here in Charlotte. Finding an apartment is something that I could do by myself, of course, but she and I are close and I really wanted her to come help because it would be a fun visit. Together, we found a cute little place that I’m going to be renting. She even knows all the best for shops where I can get inexpensive to put in my new place.