Married and Moving into Our First Apartment

When my boyfriend was given the opportunity of a lifetime, it meant we had to decide a lot of things together faster than we could have imagined. We both lived in Florida at the time, but this opportunity was only possible if he moved to San Antonio. We both knew he had to take this position, but we also knew that it meant we were going to have a long distance relationship. That is why when he looked at apartments for rent in San Antonio, he wanted me to help him.

Even though we were not living together at the time nor had we ever talked marriage, we both knew in our hearts that was the next step. That is why he wanted me to help him pick out the apartment that would be our first home together. We knew that we still would not live in it together until we were husband and wife, which is why we had the quickest engagement period ever. He wanted this new start to include both of us from the very first day, which meant we were both super busy. He told me that whatever apartment complex I wanted to live at was fine with him.

I had a lot of fun looking at the different places. It meant so much more than just finding a nice apartment. This was going to be the first home where we live as a married couple. I found the one I wanted pretty fast, but that is only because Woodbridge Apartments has everything a young couple in love could want. We are now married and living here in a two bedroom unit. We needed this because we both have huge families, and we knew that we would be getting a lot of visitors at least the first year or so. We still have plenty of time just for the two of us too. All of my dreams are coming true!