My Daughter Needed Physics Tutoring

I have watched my kids overcome a lot in their lives. They love to challenge themselves when it comes to just about anything. They don’t want to take the easy way because they find it is too boring. Instead, they would rather work hard and feel the satisfaction that can only come from that. When my daughter had some struggles with her physics class, I waited to see what she would do. She considered her options, and she finally told me that the only way she could see this working was if she enrolled into a JC physics tuition program.

I had the same thought, so I asked her which one she wanted to join. She has a fairly busy schedule, so she chose one that has Saturday lessons. She also chose it because of the teaching style of the teacher. She did not want someone just lecturing her about the different aspects of the science. She wanted someone who was going to make her think and actually come up with the solutions herself. She had read a lot of good things about his class, and I agreed that it seemed the best one for her.

She was so excited to go to her first lesson. How many parents can say that about their child? She craves learning and quickly becomes frustrated if she is not able to pursue something. She told me that within the first ten minutes of that first lesson, she knew that she was going to enjoy Mr. Chee. He made the class fun, but he also took everything he was teaching them very seriously. A teacher who can find that kind of balance is a godsend, in my eyes. She was able to compensate for the time lost in her regular class, and she has already surpassed where the students are now.