My Husband Followed Through with What I Had Planned for Him

My husband gets me really frustrated when he doesn’t feel well because he doesn’t have a high pain tolerance. He had a bad back for over a year, yet he had not done anything about getting help in all that time. He kept putting it off, so I began looking at for a chiropractor in Camas WA to find a good one. My plan was to make an appointment for him and then tell him that I needed him to go for my sanity. It made no sense at all to me to sit around in pain and do nothing about it. Everyone deserves to be pain-free, and I also know that getting rid of pain can make you much happier.

I like men who are strong-minded. My husband is very strong-minded, but when it comes to pain, he gets very whiny and even angry at times. I had a lot of sympathy for him at first, but as the months rolled by and he did nothing, my frustration grew. I did pretty good about taking up a lot of slack in the house with our kids and chores at first. Over time, it really drained me, though. I needed my husband back, and I needed him to do something about that. Instead, he just laid in bed or on the couch and complained and bossed me around. Things were not getting better.

I quickly made an appointment for him at a really good chiropractor’s office. Last month, I sat down with him and told him what I had done. I told him that I needed him to take control and do something about his back. I told them that him laying around for a year was really affecting me and our marriage. He really listened to me. He went to his scheduled appointment, and he’s gone back many times since then. He’s doing much better, and he says that he feels much happier again.