Rewarding My Customers for Their Loyalty

I own a rather large store here in Singapore. I did not listen to my business associates when they said that the online marketplace would make my company obsolete sooner rather than later. Sure, prices are more competitive online, but I also knew that brick and mortar stores could stay relevant under the right circumstances. One of the things that I did when I first opened the doors a couple of years ago was talk with a mobile app developer in Singapore. I knew that I needed to offer some unique shopping experiences if I was going to be able to keep my doors open.

One of the things that I wanted to do was have a personal shopper assistance app that people could have with them as they went through the store. If they needed a price on a product, I wanted them to be able to just scan the bar code with their phone. If they needed the location of a department or even a specific item, I wanted them to be able to find it with the online map of the store that is in the app.

I also wanted people to be able to get rewarded for their loyalty. I decided to offer valuable coupons to customers who show their loyalty to my store. This has proven to be the biggest appreciation when I get feedback from the customers on what they like about the app and what they would change about it. Thankfully, I get very few complaints, and the ones I do are usually frivilous. I also have received some great tips and advice, and I have been able to have the app team implement those changes in updates that roll out periodically. This app has been a huge success, and my customers really like getting rewarded this way too.