She Loves to Play the Cello

My daughter loves her cousin so much, so she gets excited anytime she comes for a visit. She lives nearly 90 minutes away, so it is not as often as she would like. Because of this, they keep in touch with video chats several times a week. Her cousin started taking cello lessons, and she would play for my daughter on these video chats. Of course, that meant that my daughter wanted to take cello lessons just like her cousin. I did a search for cello lessons in SIngapore because I was not even sure that there was anyone close to us who would be able to teach her how to play.

I was happy when I was able to find a music center that is only a short ride away from our condo. The nice thing is that they teach different instruments, including cello, piano, violin, drums, and the guitar. All of the teachers there have a degree in music, and they have a very flexible schedule that I am able to choose from. They truly encrouage their students, keeping their passion alive. I wanted to visit the center before I showed it to her, because I just wanted to make sure that the reality of it matched what I saw on the website.

I was able to view a couple of different lessons. I did not watch the entire lessons, but I saw enough for me to know that this was going to be a good place for my daughter to learn how to play the cello. I booked her first appointment and took her there. She was able to use a cello there since she did not own one yet. I was adamant about making sure she was going to carry on with this first. It certainly looks like she is going to, now that she has been to several months of lessons. I am going to surprise her with a new cello for her birthday next month!