The Apartment Features Are Plentiful

I looked at the website for the Overton Rise apartment complex and was just amazed at all that is offered there. I took a quick glance at the pictures, mainly because I wanted to get a feel for the place before I started looking at the rest of the information about these luxury apartments on the site. I really enjoyed the visual tour, but I wanted to see just what makes the actual apartments so special. The pictures did show a lot of the details that are included, but I wanted to see what the pictures weren’t including, since there were just a handful of them for the actual apartments.

Some of the details that could be seen but not completely understood until reading further include the fact that there are ten foot ceilings in these apartments and eight foot doors. If you have never lived in a place that has this kind of height to the rooms, it just makes the entire area feel and look so much bigger with just a few extra feet of real estate in height. I love the fact that the rooms are so much more spacious because of this.

When I saw that some apartments have a stand up shower rather than the tub and shower combo, I knew that I wanted one of those. I used to love baths as a young girl, but I would rather get a quick shower and move on with my day, so having a shower instead of a bath works out great for me. There is also a breakfast bar in my apartment, and I also have my own laundry room. I didn’t even have to supply the washer and dryer as it is included in the apartment package. Needless to say, I went from looking at these apartments on the internet to living in one in a very short period of time.