The Location is the Best in the City

When looking for apartments in Charlotte NC 28217, I paid the most attention to the location of the complex. Since I’m a transplant from upstate New York, I spent a lot of time studying the city and making sure that I would pick a place that is near many restaurants, shopping areas, and other places for fun and entertainment. I’ve known other people who moved to the South and they didn’t do their homework, which resulted in them living out in the sticks and far away from the city center. I made sure that wouldn’t happen to me.

It’s probably due to the fact that I lived in a teeming urban area in upstate New York for most of my life. While I’m moving largely to escape the crushing tax burden and the horrendous winter weather, I also want to make sure I am still steeped in the city life. I’m not the sort of person who could move to the sticks and drive an hour just to get to the closest department store. That meant spending time to find just the right apartments. In retrospect, I needn’t have worried. The option I chose is about as urban as you can get in this city.

Location, location, location! I’ve got access to golf courses, department stores, restaurants, biking and hiking trails, and downtown Charlotte. It’s only a hop over to the interstate system as well, which gives me quick access to the rest of the city and surrounding areas. As for the apartment itself, it’s a real beauty. Imagine nine foot ceilings with a gourmet kitchen that looks like it came right out of a fancy showcase. I’ve even got a private patio and an in apartment washer and dryer. I think I ended up in the best apartment complex in the city!