The Nicest Apartment I’ve Ever Lived in

I have lived in apartments all my life. When I was born, it was just my me and my mom in a small one bedroom apartment. When I went off to college, I had off campus housing at discounted student housing apartments. When I graduated from college, I moved in with a couple of buddies into a three bedroom apartment. Now, I live on my own in a really nice two bedroom apartment. I didn’t even consider looking at houses when I did my initial search for apartments in North Dallas. Apartment living is all I have ever known, and I am just fine with it.

One day, when I meet the girl of my dreams, I will hopefully get married and have kids with her. We can look for a house together then. Right now though, this apartment is just perfect for me. I got a two bedroom because I wanted a home office. I don’t have any living family left, and all of my buddies are in the same area so I knew no one would need to crash at my place since they all have their own homes right here.

The reason I wanted a two bedroom is because I am an overachiever. I don’t stop working just because I have checked out of the office for the day. I know the only way I can work my way up the ladder is to constantly have the next rung in my sights, which means I bring a lot of work home with me. I wanted the second bedroom for my home office, and it has worked out really nice. To be honest, this is the nicest apartment I have ever lived in, and it isn’t just because it is all mine for the first time ever. It is because it truly has the best amenities and luxuries available.